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A Note From Rob Gag, Tierney CEO

I started with Tierney in 1994 as a sales rep, and thinking back on those years, I recognize now that I was always willing to do a lot for this company. My first (failed) sales pitch was to an elementary school student council, I ran pushing an enormous printer through the University of Minnesota campus in the heat of July, I once spent a whole day working while covering my front lip because I had cracked a tooth on my way to a sales pitch, and I spent many days sweating straight through my suit. These stories make me laugh now, and also realize that I would have never met my tough days at Tierney if I didn’t care about our work, feel motivated by my fellow Tierney employees, and experience the incredible successes I’ve seen along the way. I chose to work through the challenges because I kept building long-lasting relationships with clients, I loved seeing the way our solutions improved their organizations, and I was truly passionate about the AV and Ed Tech markets we support.

I have been the CEO at Tierney since 2016, and I knew that if I could get everyone working in the same direction, we would be amazed by what we’d be able to accomplish together. We had been making great strides before then to come together as a more cohesive team (or as Jim Tierney would say, a well-performing band), and I did my best to keep the momentum going: we moved our two buildings into one new building, we focused on our team culture through employee engagement, and we saw the customer experience reach new heights.

I thought I understood the passion that Tierney employees bring to work, but these past years as CEO have opened my eyes. I have seen technicians staying at a client site until 10pm on a Friday night to ensure everything would work properly for a Saturday meeting, and I have seen our PD team travel 20 nights in 8 different states in the month of August to make a difference at every single PD session they facilitate. THIS is who we are.

Leadership at Tierney is very important. Our Executive and Leadership teams promote communication and transparency, and they help us see what each department does to make Tierney successful. However, I know that leaders at Tierney do not always have “management” in their title. Our leaders foster the culture we need at Tierney. They work hard to bring Tierney to the next level as we continue to grow and change. They make me so incredibly proud.

Tierney Executive Team

Rob, CEO
I started as a sales rep for Tierney in 1994, and have been the CEO since 2016. The work hard play hard culture of Tierney is the fuel that keeps me going day after day, and I’m so proud to be part of a company with the hardest working employees in the industry. If you are looking for a team atmosphere that rewards hard work and dedication, Tierney is your place.
Michael, COO
I have worked for Tierney since May 2010, and I continue to enjoy the challenge of meeting new customers’ technology needs and outperforming their expectations with our service. If you are curious about Tierney as a workplace, you should know that we are an employee and customer-focused company with a great culture. Everyone that works for Tierney can make a difference daily by providing exceptional service to our internal and external customers. While working at Tierney, you will be challenged and rewarded for your efforts.
Bruce, CSO
Since starting at Tierney in February 2013, I’ve continued to appreciate our agility as we adapt to new markets, expand geographically, and add new products to our portfolio. I love working with our staff, who are both professional and focused on their work and our great customers. If you can find a job at Tierney that fits your interests and skills, come aboard to be a part of our winning tradition.
Derek, CMO
I’ve worked for Tierney since October 2003, and I love the culture we have created here. We are competitive, new ideas and improvements are always encouraged, we work really hard, and we also like to have a lot of fun. At Tierney, we believe work should be challenging and fun, and we try hard to provide employees with a flexible work environment in a growing, ever-changing tech industry.
Catherine, Controller
I started working at Tierney in August 2019, and it’s been a great company that I am proud to work for. I appreciate the people and culture that make Tierney unique, and I especially love working for a company that makes a real effort to support the community (#TierneyGives). If you are interested in a great work environment, and plenty of opportunities for fun and challenging work, then you would love to work here at Tierney.
Renee, HR Director
I started with Tierney in February 2016 and am more impressed each day by our people and the culture we all create together. We have the most talented and hardworking employees who truly care about what they do, the people they work with and the customer experience. If you are interested in working for Tierney, get ready for a challenging, ever-changing, fast-paced career that you truly enjoy.