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  • Client: International Dairy Queen
  • Location: Bloomington, MN
  • Industry: Corporate

Collaborative, Engaging, Exciting

The Challenge

When International Dairy Queen (IDQ) decided to move the location of their franchisee support center and corporate headquarters, they wanted to ensure that the new space was both collaborative and engaging for their employees. As part of their relocation strategy IDQ felt it was important to improve communications with employees and promote their brand in a more visually exciting way.


The Solution

Tierney helped International Dairy Queen achieve their goals by installing state of the art technology in each of their new conference rooms, huddle rooms, and in their multipurpose room that doubles as both a training room and a work lounge/sensory room. To ensure that employees could collaborate well, each room has an all-in-one tabletop conferencing unit that connects to a peripheral display camera. Each space has LED walls, or projection with screens to ensure that meetings run seamlessly.

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