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  • Client: Dungarvin Minnesota
  • Location: Mendota Heights, Minnesota
  • Industry: Corporate

Dungarvin Utilizes Clevertouch Technology To Conduct Remote Trainings

The Challenge

Dungarvin Minnesota is committed to training their essential direct support professionals and ensuring that they hold top of the line medical certifications and proper training. Trainings are an imperative part of Dungarvin’s operations and Mission, as this is how they are able to provide quality person-centered services to all of their person served. Dungarvin Minnesota knew that they needed a way to virtually train employees during these unusual times. While planning a new corporate move, Dungarvin reached out to Tierney for assistance in creating conference rooms and training centers that would offer for both in-person and virtual trainings and meetings. Trainers and employees using the newly designed spaces wanted technology that would support the variety of training curriculum and meeting options.


The Solution

Tierney assisted Dungarvin Minnesota by providing insight and recommendations for technology that would allow their employees and trainers to easily host and attend virtual trainings and meetings. Tierney installed Clevertouch IFPs in all of Dungarvin’s new conference and training rooms. This interactive technology will create meaningful and productive collaboration, whether employees are in-person or remote. The new versatility of Dungarvin’s meeting rooms allow trainers to extend their reach- training new employees throughout the state virtually. An investment in the right solutions today, should pay off with increased productivity, and collaboration for Dungarvin Minnesota moving forward.

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