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  • Client: Reynoldsburg City Schools
  • Location: Reynoldsburg, OH
  • Industry: K12

Reynoldsburg City Schools Deploy Hundreds Of Huddly Cameras

The Challenge

Reynoldsburg City Schools found themselves searching for a solution for hybrid learning when COVID19 hit. Their main goal was to find a technology that would allow teachers to present materials to students who were in the classroom, while simultaneously presenting to students who were remote. It was important that the remote students had an experience that was as similar to the physical classroom as possible.


The Solution

Reynoldsburg City Schools decided to deploy over 450 Huddly IQ cameras- making sure that every teacher had the technology in their classroom. They placed the cameras on tripods in the desk area facing the teachers to achieve the most in-person experience for students. The Huddly IQ’s ability to follow the teacher around the classroom, along with the price gave it a huge advantage when selecting which technology to implement. Overall the deployment has been very successful, and teachers across the district have found that the new system is incredibly easy to use for both students and faculty.

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