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  • Client: University of Northwestern - St. Paul
  • Location: Roseville, MN
  • Industry: HED

University Of Northwestern- St. Paul Utilizes Huddly IQ To Enhance Distance Learning

The Challenge

When COVID-19 hit, universities across the country had to pivot how they approached delivering instruction. In order to properly social distance, many institutions had to quickly jump to a distance/hybrid learning model. University of Northwestern- St. Paul knew that they wanted to give their students and faculty the best solution for hybrid learning and Tierney was there to help. UNW's IT department was charged with adding lecture capture as a core requirement to all classroom carts in nearly 80 spaces with limited budget and time to redesign/replace any components of the existing AV systems. How could they fulfill these requirements while also bringing a more personal approach to hybrid classes?


The Solution

University of Northwestern- St. Paul tested out a few different technologies and found that the Huddly IQ fit all of their essential needs. Not only is the Huddly IQ an exceptional camera with crisp audio coverage of the room, it also uses AI technology to track the instructors as they teach. This allows students to feel like they are getting a more dynamic lesson from their professors. When it came to training faculty, simplistic integration with their existing classroom cart standard model meant minimal additional settings or controls for faculty. The Huddly IQ was extremely easy to use and install to their existing AV equipment which was important as staff were already adjusting to an entirely new way of delivering instruction and engaging with their students.

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