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Written by Devin Nelson, Tierney Marketing Coordinator

Did you ever wish as a student you could take field trips to a different country? Maybe even see a famous historical landmark like the Eiffel Tower? Well, with the help of ClassVR now you can!

ClassVR is a groundbreaking technology that has everything you need to implement Virtual Reality in your school! The standalone headset features a student friendly interface, intuitive gesture controls, and simple-to-use teacher controls.

Standalone Headset

The ClassVR headset is a classroom-ready tool without the need for a separate mobile device. With a High Definition 5.5” screen, front facing camera, and integrated Wi-Fi, ClassVR is ready to go out of the box. The headset delivers a fully immersive virtual reality experience that is all under the teacher’s control.

Simple Interface and Intuitive Gestures

When students wear the ClassVR headset, they are brought into a futuristic ‘holodeck‘ where they can use innovative hand and head gestures to navigate. On the clear, highly visual display students will see customized educational activities delivered to their headset by the teacher, or a predetermined set of themes and activities. The ClassVR dashboard provides a custom set of educational resources and ensures students are kept on task without unnecessary distractions.

Storage and Charging

For the best ClassVR experience, it is important to keep the headsets safe, secure and fully charged. The ClassVR charging and storage case provides maximum safety and security within the classroom. Even when the case is closed and locked, the headsets can swiftly be charged. The portable case allows you or your students to easily transport devices between classrooms, sharing the engaging experience with all students.

Learn More

ClassVR was designed to help raise engagement and increase knowledge retention for students of all ages. To learn more about this fun and exciting technology, contact us for more information!