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What's new with Clevershare

With the capabilities to mirror ANY device on the Clevertouch panel at any time, Clevershare is first and foremost one of the top applications used by teachers and end-users alike. Now with the ability to show up to 6 devices on the screen at once, you can view student content easily, from more students, helping you to engage in collaboration and discussion in your classroom as you zoom, annotate, and interact with their content.

Also, in the application, included on our award-winning Impact Series panels, you can connect up to 30 devices at the same time. Students can connect via their laptop, Chromebook, tablet, or mobile device. With the added functionality of Chromecast and Airplay, students can now utilize these built-in technologies to mirror their devices quickly and easily onto the Clevertouch panel without the need to download the Clevershare application.

These new updates along with other features like Mastering Mode, and touchback for both PC and Mac, it is easy to see why Clevershare is one of teacher’s favorite tools on the Clevertouch platform!

Create Imaginative Lessons

Lynx Whiteboard Cloud based Software allows you to create engaging lessons using any device. With this cloud based platform you can login to any device, anywhere, and have the same user experience every time. You can open existing files to interact with or create new lessons by pulling in content using the embedded web browser or the content panel. Students can interact with lessons directly on the Clevertouch screen or from any student device. Giving them the ability to participate from wherever they are learning.

Lynx Whiteboard is packed with features that will make your lessons flow seamlessly. Different annotation tools, pens, backgrounds, shapes, handwriting recognition, math tools and more! Sharing is easy as well. Share by QR code, link, or through shared folders in the Lynx Cloud.

Check out this great How To Guide to help you get started