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Real-time AI Web Filter

Written by Stacey Sabotta, Online Content Specialist

In today’s technology driven classrooms teachers and administrators are faced with the difficult task to monitor, block, and provide students with a safe and educational web experience. Due to inappropriate materials and searches appearing schools are faced with 3 options: completely block sites such as YouTube, deploy safe mode, or leave sites wide open. Typically cloud-based filtering solutions filter text only content by black listing sites, white listing sites, or come with preset list of block terms. Because these solutions are not filtering in real-time content tends to slip through the cracks. Deledao is the only real-time artificial intelligence web filter on the market. Because Deledao operates within the browser, it doesn’t produce lag time and filters content both in the classroom and remote learning. Learn More

  • AI keeps students safe while learning in and out the classrooms
  • Deledao uses patented AI technology to promote digital wellness

Data Privacy

Blocks Ads

Block Tracking

Anonymize Google searches

Holistic Web Protection

Deledao allows users to deploy one simple solution to provide a safe online experience. Deledao not only filters text in real-time but AI is also able to analyze, filter, and block harmful content from other sources such as videos, images, and documents. Watch Demo

  • Filter distractions like Zoom Bombing
  • Detect cyberbullying and potential self-harm
  • Manage online classrooms
  • Teachers can approve websites without the help from IT
  • Protect online data privacy
  • Parent portal feature

Deledao Deployment

Deledao software can be deployed quickly and easily. It is a 100% cloud-based solution requiring no hardware to deploy or maintain. Set up in 20 minutes or less on any device and OS (including iPads). Users can now stay CIPA-compliant both on and off school campuses.

100% Cloud-based software – no hardware to deploy or maintain

As a district with over 11,000 students, we wanted a few things. One, a content filter that finally works on our Windows devices, not just on Chromebooks. Second, a solution that works off campus for distance learning. Deledao delivered on all its promises and more. It’s probably the best thing we bought this entire year.

Greg R.

Director of Technology, Nashua School District

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