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Our Top 5 Relevant Helpline Resources for Distance Learning

Written by Devin Lenzmeier, a Tierney Marketing Coordinator since 2018.

We know that distance learning has brought a lot of change for teachers and parents, so we compiled a list of our Top 5 Relevant Helpline Resources for Distance Learning. Below we have videos that highlight tools related to Google Classroom, Google Forms, SMART Learning Suite (which is now being offered for free due to COVID-19) and Snowflake Interactive Software from Clevertouch!

Integration of Google Meet in Google Classroom

Starting on April 9, 2020 the integration of Google Meet in Google Classroom began rolling out to G Suite for Education domains. In this screencast we will walk you through how to activate the Google Meet link for a Class, as well as tips and tricks on ensure students cannot access the Meet without the Teacher being present

Getting Started with Google Classroom

Learn how to set up Google Classroom, add students to your roster, create an assignment with links, videos and files, mark assignments as complete and grade assignments with these helpful how to videos!

Getting Started with Google Forms

Learn how to add questions, insert videos and images, edit the settings, change the theme, add collaborators, share the form and create a spreadsheet of responses with these helpful how to videos on Google Forms!

Create in SMART Learning Suite Online

SMART Learning Suite Online is now being offered for free during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a recent update of SMART Learning Suite Online, more creation ability was added. Teachers can now add text, images, YouTube videos, and Game Based Activities right from an SLSO file. In this video, we walk you through the steps of creating a file from scratch in SMART Learning Suite Online.

Getting Started with Snowflake Interactive Software

Here you will find multiple resources for Snowflake Interactive Software, a software included with the purchase of a Clevertouch! Learn about the user interface, how to customize lessons and to navigate the menu as well as get access to some free lesson resources!