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Written by Devin Nelson, Tierney Marketing Coordinator

COVID-19 has presented many challenges to school districts around the country as we try and navigate what our new normal will look like for both students and staff. With the help of MooreCo, outfitting your space to be a safe, and more engaging environment is easier than ever. MooreCo’s line of products cater to remote, hybrid and on-site learning environments. When the pandemic hit, MooreCo spoke with experts in the fields of health research, medicine, architecture, and design to see what schools would need to keep going.Check out some of their featured solutions below!

MooreCo Essentials Mobile Clear Divider

Ensure the safety of students and staff with the MooreCo Essentials Mobile Clear Divider. This clear wall enables you to put an extra layer of protection between students in the classroom. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, the divider canwork with a variety of different classroom layouts and sizes.

MooreCo iTeach Spider Flat Panel Cart

Engage students anywhere with the MooreCo iTeach Spider Flat Panel Cart. This stylish solution will support all of your flat panel mobility needs. The cart is available in both manual and electric height adjustable models and supports displays that weigh up to 250lbs!

MooreCo Trek Mobile Room Divider

The Trek Mobile Room Divider creates a private, personal work space, or several can be combined to create a meeting area. The walls are made of magnetic dry erase boards, which and be used as anything from a message center- to a presentation easel.

MooreCo Mobile Teacher Workstation

Reconfigure your classroom in a flash.  The Mobile Teacher Workstation has plenty of storage and technology options. 

MooreCo Hierarchy Shapes Desk

Outfit your classroom with MooreCo Shapes Desks to easily shift room setup for today’s changing classroom needs. 

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