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Anywhere Cart AC-Plus Charging Cart with Smart Charging

Anywhere Cart


SKU: AC-Plus-T
  • Charge and store up to 26 Chromebooks, tablets, or laptops - featuring Intelli-Sense Smart Charging System
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Product Description

Store and charge up to 36 Chromebooks, tablets and laptops up to 14″ with Anywhere Cart’s AC-Plus-T charging cart.  Get all the features of the AC-Plus and upgrade with the Intelli-Sense Smart Charging System.  The Intelli-Sense Smart Charging System is designed to charge your devices more efficiently.  It detects which devices need charging first, then balances to ensure they all reach 100%.  Cables stay put with Integrated Cable Management & Cable Clips.  Removable AC Adapter baskets and numbered shelf strips make setup and organization a breeze.  Easily move your devices from space to space with Anywhere Cart’s directional locking wheels.




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