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Belkin Air Protect Always-On Case 14″



SKU: B2A073-C00
  • Simply unzip the case to start using your device. Fits most 11" Chromebooks and laptops.
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Product Description

One-zip, Auto-wake Design

Air Protect™ Always-On Slim Case 11″


Designed specifically for business and education environments, Air Protect Always-On Cases are the easiest, safest way to make Chromebooks and Laptops a permanent fixture. Preserving functionality through full screen visibility and access to all ports and connections, the sturdy exterior guards against damage through constant use, and impacts with shock-absorption materials on all six sides.

Always On allows users to work directly from the case, meaning there’s no need to need to remove the device and expose it to risk. It also ensures that the device enjoys optimum ventilation through a molded elevated base, to keep cool during hours of consistent use.





Easy to use and easy to transport. Take your laptop or Chromebook anywhere with a durable, protective exterior, integrated retractable carrying handle and convenient shoulder strap.



  • Micro-gel and universal screen mount clips for stable hold
  • Multiple screen positioning angles
  • Durable exterior
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • Shoulder strap
  • Full port/UI access while open
  • 6-sided shock-absorption


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