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Bloxels Game Studio Pack



SKU: Single-Starter
  • Designed for a group of 5 students - ideal for after school club or homeschool group.
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Product Description

Student Collaboration


The Game Studio pack can not only be used in the classroom but is ideal for an after school club or a homeschool groups. Students, up to 5 per group, will enjoy collaborating together while creating and building games with Bloxels EDU.  Everything you need to get started is included – one Gameboard, 400 Blocks, a Student Workbook, and a one year Bloxels EDU subscription with access to the Bloxels EDU app and Hub.

Using the Bloxels EDU app, students can create stories by instantly turning their creations into a digital video game. Additionally, they can share their creations privately with their friends using the Class Library. Teachers can access the Hub to view the group’s work, download activities, and get first-in-line support for any question students might have.

Bloxels EDU Student Workbooks provide brainstorming techniques, story boards, grid sheets, and planning guides to help jump start kids creativity. The Educator Handbook, available in the Hub, provides guidance on setting up a “game studio” and additional support in brainstorming and planning great games!


What’s In The Box

  • Gameboard
  • 400 Blocks
  • 5 Student Accounts
  • Digital copy of Bloxels Educator Handbook
  • Bloxels Student Workbook

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