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BrainCo BrainRobotics STEM Kit



  • Students will have the opportunity to learn about robotics, prosthetics, coding and more with BrainCo's BrainRobotics STEM Kit.
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Product Description

Prepare Students for the Future

Build | Explore | Code


The BrainCo STEM Kit exposes students to real-world technology allowing them to learn about robotics, prosthetics, coding and other aspects of STEM.  Students will explore the fundamentals of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering, use infrared sensors with remote controls, program specific gestures and code micro-controllers to operate servo motors and many other activities. 



As students progress they will continue to learn and enjoy more difficult tasks, such as programming a flex-sensor glove to read the real-time position of their fingers, allowing them to control the movement of the hand.  Additionally,  students can use their brainwaves to control the hand with our brainwave detecting, Focus1 headband. Your students will learn state standard aligned curriculum and explore real-world applications of STEM principles. 


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