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Copernicus Large Robotics Storage Tub



SKU: RS200
  • Designed to store, charge and lock up different brands and sizes of robotics in one secure location.
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Product Description

Large Robotics Storage Tub

The Large Robotics Storage Tub is designed to store, charge and lock up to 12 robots (depending on size) and cords organized for smooth deployments during use and when charging all in a compact tub. Featuring built-in wheels, this tub can move larger quantities of robotics from room to room while still protecting your school’s investment. Recommended for Dash and Dots, Cue and others.


  • Lock all robotics within the tub (padlock included)

  • Sturdy, lightweight tub with built-in wheels and a woven nylon pull-handle for ease of mobility

  • Compact, two-layered design with removable metal tray supports the storage of:

  • 6 Dash and 6 Dots, or – 12 Dashes (with accessories), or – 12 Cue™ Robots

  • 2 x 6 outlet USB charging hubs

  • Padlock with 3 keys



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