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Copernicus Tech Tub2 Modular Cart (32 devices)



  • Easily share devices throughout your school.

Product Description

Copernicus makes sharing easy

Lightweight Modular Cart


Teachers, Copernicus has made it easier to store, charge, use and share devices throughout your classroom or school.  You can set up a central location to check out devices or setup a learning center right in your classroom.  The modular cart is designed to effortlessly move over thresholds.  The FTT732 can charge and store up to 32 iPads®, Chromebooks™ and other tablets.  Additionally, with the tub-to-tub locking mechanism, the tubs lock together securing all the devices in the cart.





    • Sturdy cart with two handles for ease of mobility
    • Tech Tubs® hold 32 devices (2 x FTT700, 2 x FTT1100)
    • NEW Individual tubs can be locked together for added security
    • Tubs connect and break apart using clips (eases deployment bottlenecks)
    • 3-point door lock with 2 keys (for each tub)
    • Cable management on back
    • 4” locking casters
    • Power timer for charging (requires 1 outlet)
    • Additional model with USB hubs that sync and charge iPads® (SKU FTT732-USB)


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