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Copernicus Tech Tub2 Trolley with UV Tub


$1,512.00 - $1,713.60

SKU: Copernicus Tech Tub2 Trolley with UV Tub
  • Designed for devices on the move. Now includes UV tub - disinfect devices in one minute
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Product Description

Disinfect | Charge | Store

Clean devices in one minute


Available September 2020

In one minute, disinfect devices, including laptop screens and keyboards!  Copernicus’ popular Tech Tub2 Trolleys now include options which have a UV Tech Tub to create a complete device charging, storing and disinfecting solution.

Trolleys are designed for devices on the move!  The green tub stores, charges and locks up small sets of iPads®, 11” Chromebooks™ and other tablets and the blue tub disinfects them.  The large UV chamber of the blue tub disinfects laptop keyboards and screens (when open), VR headsets, headphones, robotics and other commonly used classroom items. Disinfects one tablet or Chromebook at a time.  

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