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Copernicus Virtual Reality Storage Cart



  • Protect your VR headsets and all the peripherals.

Product Description

Virtual Reality (VR) Storage Cart- holds 30 sets of VR devices and headsets


The VR Storage Cart is designed to protect your investment and keep headsets and all the peripherals you need neatly organized and ready to deploy.



  • High security
  • Lock all headsets and devices within the cart with one lock
  • Sturdy but lightweight cart with tow handles for ease of mobility
  • Cart holds 30 sets of VR devices and headsets, including Homido Grab VR Viewers, View-Master, Google DSCVR and most popular brands
  • 4 Really Big Tubs with dividers for easier deployment and access to headsets and devices
  • Doors have built-in storage pockets for a WiFi router and teacher’s tablet
  • 4″ locking casters
  • Power timer for charging (requires 1 outlet)


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