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Crestron Flex Tabletop UC-M150 Zoom Room System



SKU: UC-M150-Z
  • Certified Zoom Room Bundle featuring the Crestron Mercury® Tabletop UC Audio Conference Console, UC Engine Assembly with UC‑ENGINE‑Z, and Huddly IQ™ camera
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Product Description

Complete Tabletop Video Conference Room Solution

Certified Zoom Room


Ideal for small to medium conference rooms the Crestron UC-M150 system is a video conference room solution, supporting a single or dual video displays, for Zoom Rooms intelligent communications platform.  This package features the Crestron Mercury® Tabletop UC Audio Conference Console, UC Engine Assembly with UC ENGINE SD Z, and Huddly IQ™ camera.

Zoom Rooms combine video conferencing, wireless content sharing, and integrated audio into one easy to use platform. Zoom works with turn-key kits from partnering vendors. Installation is easy, do it yourself or work with our professional Tierney services team. The Zoom simple tablet interface allows you to start any meeting with a simple touch. Wirelessly and securely share content from any device, mobile, tablet or laptop. Share content whether you’re in the room or joining remotely.

Zoom rooms also works on your interactive touch displays. The displays are perfect for ideation and other collaborative work. You can control the meeting, screen share with annotation, and white board all from your touchscreen.



Crestron Mercury UC Conference Console

An advanced speakerphone that facilitates conference calls with exceptional audio fidelity and pickup featuring the console’s integrated 360° quad microphone array.

Occupancy detection using a patent‑pending combination of motion and voice activity provides several benefits, such as monitoring and reporting room usage to the Crestron Fusion® monitoring and scheduling software, or automating the system to power down to save energy when all parties leave the room.

  • 360° quad microphone array
  • Full-range speaker
  • Limes Audio TrueVoice® AEC technology
  • Echo and noise reduction
  • Bidirectional voice communication
  • HD touch screen


Huddly IQ


Huddly is the first video conferencing technology to use artificial intelligence to deliver an exceptional audio and video experience. Huddly IQ ensures that everyone at the meeting table is seen and heard. The camera automatically counts the number of people in the room, and adjusts the view to best fit both the room and meeting attendees.

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UC Engine Assembly

All the capabilities of a complete Zoom Rooms video conferencing and content sharing solution are empowered by the UC Engine. For ultimate performance, Crestron employs a powerful Intel NUC Mini PC running Zoom Rooms software. The UC Engine Assembly (UC‑BRKT‑100‑Z‑ASSY) streamlines the installation of a Crestron UC system by assembling the UC‑ENGINE‑Z, HD‑CONV‑USB‑200, and UC‑CONN‑HD together on one convenient and ready‑to‑mount bracket.

The complete assembly can be mounted on the wall, or it can be attached to the rear of the display device.


  • Tabletop video conferencing solution for Zoom Rooms™ software 
  • Start meetings with one touch
  • Easy to install
  • Network management and provisioning, system alerts, and the pairing of a Crestron Mercury device to the UC-M150-Z system’s UC Engine through the Crestron XiO Cloud service
  • Network management and provisioning and system alerts through the Crestron XiO Cloud service
  • Connects and communicates securely over any enterprise or SMB network
  • Enterprise‑grade security
  • Supports single and dual video display configurations


What’s Included

  • Crestron Mercury tabletop console
  • Huddly IQ™ high-definition USB camera
  • UC Engine
  • Power supplies


To build a custom solution for meeting, collaboration and training spaces of all sizes please Contact Us for a free consultation.  Tierney is here to help you every step of the way.


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