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FrontRow ezRoom for Classroom Sound with IR Speakers



  • ezRoom provides classroom AV control, great sound coverage and AV connections.
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Product Description

Smart Receiver Voice Ceiling System with IR Speakers

ezRoom Classroom Audio


Monitor and manage your classroom with ease.  The ezRoom classroom audio video management platform offers unparalleled classroom voice amplification, AV control, remote management and is fully extensible into a campus-wide communication system to support school paging/alerting.  This AV system for new construction or retrofit installation is installs easily into a 2×2 drop ceiling grid making it virtually invisible.  The Smart Receiver is a networked amplifier, wireless mic receiver, signal processor, power distributor and controller all in one.  Every student will have a frontrow seat using the FrontRow mic and Smart Receiver.  



  • Supports up to 5 mics & 3 audio devices – computers, mobile phones, or Blu-ray players
  • Adapto digital feedback suppression
  • OptiVoice digital EQ
  • Voice command for initiating actions
  • 2 audio outputs for lesson capture and assistive listening systems
  • Network, serial and IR connections for remote management and device control
  • IP Paging-ready
  • LED Beacon for visual queues


What’s Included

  • Smart receiver
  • Pair of IR Speakers
  • Pendant Microphone Kit for Juno
  • IR Speaker Combo Cable
  • Teacher Edition Control
  • Teacher Edition Capture
  • Power Cord
  • Power Supply
  • USB cable
  • Audio cable x2
  • 30cm Cat5e UTP Crossover


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