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FrontRow Juno with Speaker Expansion Module and IR Speakers



  • All-in-one classroom sound with amazing digital sound quality, time-saving lesson capture, and future connectivity.
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Product Description

Juno with Speaker Expansion Module and IR Speakers

All-in-One Classroom Sound


Save your voice and improve student’s learning success with FrontRow Juno.  The average student missing 25% of what the teacher says.  FrontRow technology brings the teachers voice to every corner of the room.  It smashes the barriers of distance, noise, an echo so the teachers can communicate clearly at a normal tone of voice.  That only improves student attention, comprehension, behavior and academic outcomes for all students.

For extra sound coverage in very large spaces, use this package that includes two infrared speakers (no Bluetooth in this package).  Simply mount the extra speakers near the far end of the listening area.




  • Lesson Capture
  • Sound Coverage for voice and multimedia audio
  • Built for distance learning
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Engage students more effectively – increased test scores
  • Increase teacher and technologies efficiency


What’s Included

  • ITR-02 Juno Tower Receiver
  • ITM-01 Pendant Microphone Kit
  • Teacher Edition Desktop Software License
  • Audio Cables
  • USB Cable
  • Speaker Expansion Module
  • IR Speaker Kit
  • Combo Cables
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • 1 Year FrontRow Software Assurance


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