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FrontRow Pro Digital System w/ IR Speakers



  • offers proven and patented digital speech clarity and digital feedback suppression.
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Product Description

A great choice for today’s technology-rich classrooms.  FrontRow’s Pro Digital classroom audio solution offers proven and patented digital speech clarity and digital feedback suppression.  Teacher’s don’t have to worry about walking under a speaker or saying something too loud, Pro Digital regulates sound volume and prevents feedback ensuring students can benefit from clear and even sound.  


Pro Digital with IR speakers features FrontRow’s exclusive great-sounding stereo infrared speakers.  Each IR speaker unit combines two woofers, one tweeter, an infrared sensor and a single cable.  The IR sensor picks up voice signals from the mic and plays them back, without external AC power.  

Teachers need only turn on the mic to start teaching. The receiver automatically wakes up from its energy-saving sleep mode and goes to sleep when the mic is turned off. The built-in sensor with advanced optics ensures consistent signal pick-up, so teachers can talk without dropout. FrontRow’s powerful Adapto™ digital feedback suppression is automatically keeping harsh squeal at bay – before it starts. And OptiVoice™, FrontRow’s patented speech clarity technology, is on board to emphasize critical speech sounds, so kids comprehend even more.


What’s Included

  • 940R Pro Digital Receiver
  • ITM-02L Pendant Microphone Kit for Pro Digital
  • IR Speaker Kit
  • Combo cables
  • Pro Digital Accessory Pack 1
  • 5-Year Warranty


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