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LG 86BH5C-B 86″ Ultra-Stretch Digital Signage



  • 86BH5C-B 86" Ultra Stretch for Dynamic Digital Contents
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Product Description

86BH5C-B 86” Ultra Stretch Signage

LG’s own unique 58:9 widescreen format with UHD resolution captures everyone’s attention instantly with its innovative design. The 86BH5C provides an impactful way to get your message across or display advertisements even in small spaces. The Picture-by-Picture feature allows users to compose multi content with display that be split into as many as four parts. Deliver many different advertisements or pieces of information at the same time without calibration effortlessly. With the LG SuperSign media editor, you can easily edit images or video clips of original content without any additional editing programs. Users can edit content that consists of one video and several still images (up to 20) with SuperSign Editor.


Key Features

  • Ultra HD Resolution – 3,840 x 600

  • Size Ratio – 86″ 58:9

  • Brightness Uniformity – 500nit / 700nit

  • Operation Time – 24Hr / 7 days

  • Interface – HDMI x2 / DPx1 / HDMI or DVI or OPS, RJ45, IR USB2.0x1


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