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MooreCo Clarity Acrylic Desktop Dividers


$160.00 - $318.00

SKU: MooreCo Clarity Acrylic Desktop Dividers
  • Help protect students, staff and customers with MooreCo's acrylic dividers.
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Product Description

MooreCo Clarity Acrylic Dividers

Help protect against the spread of germs


The Clarity Acrylic Dividers are 24″ high panels, available in multiple widths from 23″ to 72″ to fit virtually any desktop and tables.  Protect your classroom, office, or any customer-facing applications again the spread of germs.  

Available in three different configurations to suit your desktop needs: edge clamp for mounting on the edge of the desktop, center clamp to divide a desktop for more than one user, or freestanding to mount wherever needed on the desktop. Use more than one to create dividers on each side of a table.  Learn More



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