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Primo Cubetto Classroom Bundle



SKU: ClassEdu01
  • Cubetto is a friendly wooden robot that will teach young students the basics of computer programming.

Product Description

Meet Cubetto

Screenless coding for young children


Cubetto is a friendly wooden robot designed to guide today’s youth into the world of coding.  Tell Cubetto where to go by placing coding blocks on the control board.  Coding blocks are a coding language you can touch and manipulate like LEGO®.  Each block is an action, combine them together to create and execute your first program.   Boost group learning in the classroom with the Classroom Bundle.   The bundle includes everything you need to start your coding adventures, straight out of the box.



What’s In The Box

  • 4 Cubetto Playsets
    • 1 Cubetto
    • 1 Board
    • 16 Blocks
    • 1 World Map
    • 1 Story Book
  • 2 Directional Blocks
  • 2 Logic Blocks
  • 2 Big City Adventure Packs
  • 2 Ancient Egypt Adventure Packs
  • 2 Blue Ocean Packs
  • 2 Deep Space Adventure Packs

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