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DJI Robomaster S1



SKU: CP.RM.00000103.01
  • The Robomaster S1 is an educational robot which provides students with an in-depth understanding of science, math, programming and more through gameplay modes and intelligent features.
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Product Description

Intelligent Educational Robot


Unlock the potential in every learner with the game-changing RoboMaster S1 educational robot. The S1 provides users with an in-depth understanding of math, science, physics, programming, and much more through the many varieties of gameplay modes and advanced features.



  • 46 programmable components 
  • 6 programmable AI modules
  • Low-latency HD FPV
  • Scratch & Python Coding
  • 4 Wheel Drive Omnidirectional Movement
  • Intelligent Sensing Armor
  • Equipped with Multiple Battle Modes



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