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Written by Sandy Johnson, Tierney Curriculum & Instructional Specialist

Return to the Office: Teleportivity

Many of us have used a self-service kiosk before, probably at the grocery store, fast food restaurant, or to locate a store at the mall. The purpose and function of these kiosks is clear: they create efficiencies, they are convenient and easy to use, and they don’t require a real person to be available. Essentially, these kiosks are able to perform jobs that were previously done by people.

As companies prepare for employees to return to work, it’s time to rethink the way we handle day-to-day operations, and look for ways to keep employees and customers safe by reducing potential exposure to illness while also saving on unnecessary costs.

Teleportivity as an Entry Kiosk

Teleportivity is a “welcome space” software product with a wide variety of features and customizable functions. Essentially, it is a platform that can be customized to fit the needs of your business at entryways and key areas, like conference rooms.

Using any tablet setup as a welcome kiosk, you can run the Teleportivity platform to welcome visitors to your building with a custom menu of options. These options may include check-in instructions, wayfinding, and welcome videos. The most important feature, though, is that visitors can connect with a real person through the tablet to receive the warm, personal welcome that would otherwise be missing with a standard kiosk. By assigning an employee (or small team of employees, depending on the size and level of traffic in your building) to this role, visitors can speak with a real company employee as they would normally engage with front-desk staff without risking unnecessary exposure to illness or germs; this also allows these front-desk employees to work from another part of the building or from home, thus freeing them from feeling tied to the front door. They will be able to complete tasks they might otherwise not be able to do, and will likely be much more productive during times that the entryway is not as busy.

Teleportivity as a Support Resource

Another powerful feature of the Teleportivity platform is the customizable QR codes. Consider key areas in your building that may yield questions or confusion from employees and visitors: conference rooms, collaborative spaces, interactive whiteboards, presentation displays, or even the coffee maker. For each of these areas, you can post a scannable QR code, which will take the user to a menu of options and resources that will help them use the space or technology in question. Each code is unique and customizable, so the resources can vary within each location, and could include how-to videos, wayfinding, text instructions, or even direct contact with your internal support team.

Learn More About Teleportivity

Do you think Teleportivity could be the solution you need? Reach out to Tierney to learn more about Teleportivity and how it could be integrated in your space.