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Collaborative Solutions

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Here at Tierney, we know that collaboration is a key factor of success. We also know that collaboration isn't always easy, which is why we strive to provide collaborative technology solutions to make collaboration simple and straightforward. Whether you are looking to create collaborative spaces through a remodel, or invest in turnkey solutions to make remote collaboration fast and reliable, Tierney is here to help.


Tierney can help you create flexible, collaborative spaces and support reliable solutions for remote collaboration. /Explore our corporate solutions to learn more about how Tierney can help move your business forward.


It is so important to provide students with collaboration opportunities in the classroom, but it can be difficult to manage due to classroom and technology constraints. Tierney has the experience and expertise needed to support schools in their journey to creating collaborative spaces with technology, furniture, and teacher support. Learn more about our K-12 capabilities.


Create collaborative spaces and improve communication with Tierney's support and consultative approach. We are ready to support your unique needs, and you will be amazed by efficiencies and productivity made possible by collaborative solutions. Learn more about our Government solutions.

Higher Education

Whether your students are on-campus or learning remotely, collaboration is an absolute necessity when it comes to higher education. Tierney is here to provide consultation, cutting-edge technology, and ongoing support to make collaboration simple and effective. Learn more about how to improve collaboration on your campus.


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Tierney Technology Now is designed to create the highest level of technology flexibility and protection. Our mission is to provide our customers with technology solutions that solve problems and create communication and collaboration environments that enhance productivity and learning. Technology changes fast and Tierney Technology Now ensures that your team is running at peak performance within a monthly operating budget.


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