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Tierney Can Help

Tierney helps businesses, schools, and organizations create the perfect Digital Signage solutions to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a pre-built package or a custom solution to fit your unique needs Tierney will be there every step of the way.

Digital Signage Solutions


Our digital signage software, hardware and custom design help you motivate your audience so your digital signage can make a statement.

Increase Engagement | Personalize Experience | Promote Brand Image | Display Dynamic Messaging for Students and Staff

Consultation Services

Define Objectives
Space Planning
User Experience


Our team is ready to work with you to create a plan for your specific needs. We know that each organization is different, and we work hard to bring each client’s vision to life.


Content Design
Software Solution
Hardware Solution


Tierney partners with the industry’s top Digital Signage content management providers to bring you the best content creation options for your space.


Ongoing Support


Tierney is here to take your project all the way to the end. We can provide recommendations on cabling, mounts, stands, and media players in addition to full installation services.

We know the project isn’t over once the display is installed, so we offer ongoing support services to make sure you feel comfortable and supported long after the sale.


Tierney Technology Now is designed to create the highest level of technology flexibility and protection. Our mission is to provide our customers with technology solutions that solve problems and create communication and collaboration environments that enhance productivity and learning. Technology changes fast and Tierney Technology Now ensures that your team is running at peak performance within a monthly operating budget.

The Many Possibilities Of Digital Signage

  • Increase customer engagement
  • Deliver rotating messaging with informative content
  • Boost office morale & keep employees engaged
  • Drive brand awareness across your organization
  • Stimulate customer purchases
  • Simplify wayfinding
  • Spread safety messaging / emergency information
  • Reduce costs by replacing outdated static displays

At Tierney, We Know Our Service Team Is World Class, And We Have The NPS Customer Satisfaction Rating To Prove It.

Video Walls

Create visually stunning video walls; perfect for high-traffic areas to get your message across. Shop Products

OLED Displays

Transform your space with Duel-view curved or flat OLED displays. Maximize space with this two-way media experience. Contact Us

Touchscreen Displays

From interactive displays to touch screen kiosks our Digital Signage experts will help you create a dynamic and flexible digital display. Shop Products

Outdoor Displays

From scrolling marquee signs to full motion graphics, outdoor signage is a great place to enhance your brand and engage visitors. Contact Us

Direct View LED

Astound customers and viewers with your vision. LEDs are perfect for usage in nearly any environment while providing eye catching content needed for digital signage. Shop Products


Market Applications

Digital Signage has become an essential form of communication across all markets. Tierney can provide the appropriate solution to deliver your messaging and branding goals, increase visibility, improve efficiency, and tell your story.
Corporate Messaging
Higher Education
Entertainment/Public Venue
Menu Boards
Experiential Design
Corporate Messaging

Make a lasting impression - Smart Business Corporations are discovering their facilities are a vital part of their identity and are turning to the use of digital signage solutions to help increase sales, customer engagement, increase productivity, employee efficiency and build brand recognition while delivering high-impact messages to customers and visitors.

Display breathtaking images while controlling traffic flow - Travelers expect more engagement through instant alerts and updates. Digital Signage is the most common digital technology being utilized by key hubs of transportation


Enhance your brand & create an immersive customer experience - Digital Signage is increasingly being leveraged by retail owners to effectively bring a dimension of technology and interactivity to their traditional retail setting, which is helping to effectively visualize your offerings and stimulate customer purchase intent and also manage display and content with ease.


Engaged & Attentive Students, Staff, and Visitors - Your students and staff are already using screens to get information every day. Use digital signs to keep everyone informed and engaged. Not only does digital signage boost communication to current and future students, families, staff, alumni, and visitors, but also creates fast, effective, and affordable engaging content for your viewers. Replace bulletin boards and posters with bright attention grabbing screens, not technology for the sake of technology. Easily display messages, multi-media and safety alerts quickly and easily.

Higher Education

Student Engagement - Today’s students have come of age in the time of smart phones, tablets and interactive touch displays and expect nothing less than a fully digital college experience. Provide an unrivaled campus with Tierney’s leading LED commercial displays. Fuel a stimulating environment and impress students, faculty and visitors.

Entertainment/Public Venue

Create a visit to remember - Create a visit to remember with cutting-edge and content-rich digital solutions with real-time information. Meet the needs of guests with wayfinding screens, self-check-in kiosks and instant traffic and weather updates. Digital Signage brings you the versatile platform to deliver the future now.

Menu Boards

Add a level of refinement & distinction to your establishment - Quickly adapt to customers’ needs with daily promotions, menu boards, changing prices and more. Or, put them in control with easy-to-use self-service ordering kiosks with touchscreen capabilities. Educate servers and staff on daily specials, new dishes and product knowledge in pre-shift meetings. HQ can update each restaurant location with consistent content and branding, and managers can add content specific to their locations.

Experiential Design

Screens are all around us. They are in lobbies, store fronts, cafes and restaurants, hotels, subway and train depots, airports, events, venues and more. Instead of flat, two-dimensional exhibits and installations, experiential design transforms the space surrounding the visitor into something remarkable. Transform your space with content rich environments that orient, inform, educate and inspire with our Digital Signage experts today!

Software Packages

Tierney DS Software Packages provide the best deployment experience. Whether Tierney installs or not, you will receive a ready to go out-of-box solution with training and support. The DS Package can be scaled for a single school or district deployment. Listed below are all the components necessary to successfully deploy digital signage.

Hardware / Software

  • Content Management System
  • Commercial display with mount
  • Media player (1 per screen)
  • Cabling

Services / Support

  • Provisioning
  • Install
  • Training
  • Tierney EDGE Suport
We will work with you to create a custom branded channel design for your display. This includes using your specific branding guidelines so that your digital signage looks and feels just like you. Once the channel design is created, your content can be accessible, organized, and ready to be used by whomever has permission.

How Can We Help You With Digital Signage

Tierney can take your vision, and bring it to life with impressive digital displays for any setting. Contact us to learn more about stunning video walls, unique OLED displays, interactive touch displays, engaging outdoor signs, or incredible LED screens.

We're happy to provide more information and answer any questions you have.

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