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Why Tierney

Put your best foot forward

You want to represent your campus with current, relevant technologies that reflect your mission to educate and improve. Increase student engagement in the classroom, raise enrollment, and support all students and staff with interactive, collaborative, and adaptive technology from Tierney.

Digital Signage

Use digital signage and wayfinding to make a difference on campus. Students, staff, and visitors will appreciate our thoughtful, highly visual, and easy-to-use solutions as they make their way through campus. Learn more about Tierney’s digital signage solutions here.

Active Learning Classrooms

Create interactive, collaborate spaces to help faculty bring active learning to their classrooms. Your students will be impressed and engaged, while your faculty will find it much easier to differentiate for all learners. Contact us to learn more.

Classroom Upgrages

Keep your classrooms updated with Tierney’s visual and interactive solutions. We can help you get students excited to learn in your inspiring classrooms. Contact us to learn more.

New Construction

Tierney’s wide range of experience can help ease the huge project of new construction. Contact us to learn more about the services we offer to make your life easier, and your space more beautiful.

Featured Higher Education Case Study

University of Minnesota Discovery Nexus Alumni Center

The McNamara Alumni Center is a consistently top-rated Minneapolis venue for conferences, galas, holiday parties, and wedding receptions. When they needed to update the center’s digital needs, they chose to work with Tierney.

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Tierney Esports

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The Tierney Difference

Tierney can provide everything you need to support your project of any size. We offer creative and consultative design services, full installation, ongoing technical service support, professional development and training, and warranty options to provide peace of mind.


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Experiential Design

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