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Written by Aaron Cole, Director of Higher Education and Government Sales

Tierney Esports

In traveling the country (when that was still the norm) to see the different Esports sites, it became very clear very fast that the hype that we were reading about was very real. From Full Sail University to the Esports Arena in Las Vegas to the Wombo Sports Lounge in the Mall of America; Esports is not something that’s coming, it’s something that is already here and here to stay.

Many of us in the education field have been tasked with either launching a program right out of the gate or to research what other organizations are doing with Esports. In going down this road ourselves we wanted to share some quick highlights that we hope will help with your fact finding journey as well.

What we know

Eports is big and it's here

If you do not have a program or do not have plans to launch one soon you are already behind your rival schools

If you do not have an official team, your students are already gathering to compete on other ways

  • In our research and talking with Higher Education institutions, many student union groups and/or clubs already have formed an official or unofficial team.
  • Gaming is a big part of culture and the next generation. They are gathering online, in dorms, at homes, etc…to watch and compete.

The best run programs have clear objectives and desired outcomes

  • It is vital to decide whether recruitment, retention, curriculum, and/or student engagement is your primary driving force when starting an Esports program. Level of investment and desired ROI all change dramatically based on the desired outcomes of your program.


Even if you are not into gaming, the growth and excitement around Esports is fun to watch and be a part of. The benefits to schools and students are many which is why all should take the time to do a deep dive into the subject.

Look for our next Esports blog post where we will deep dive into, How to best secure your Esports hardware and make sure you are always ahead of the game. We do not want you to be left behind!