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Written by Paul Gallagher, Tierney Account Executive

What Do Companies Need Now?

The challenges companies are facing today are vastly different than what they were facing back in March and April of 2020. Executive Teams, HR Departments, IT Directors, and many others within organizations are asking the question, “What will collaboration look like when we are back at work?” A majority of the companies that Tierney partners with are focused on simply getting people back to work and continuing collaboration, but the real challenge is in the detail.

Our current reality is that board meetings, trainings, team get-togethers, and brainstorming sessions have been moved to Zoom, and it has become apparent that collaboration is not what it used to be. Now companies are left wondering: What can we do to combat this? How can we find a competitive edge? What is going to allow us the collaboration we desperately need during these bizarre times?

Zoom Rooms

We have had numerous clients reach out about adding Zoom Rooms. Others partners are wondering if they can add equipment to conference rooms that will give their employees the same video conferencing experience they have become comfortable with over the last several months at home. We know companies want to help, and these scenarios are exactly where Tierney can provide value. Companies may think they need to exclusively create Zoom Rooms because a few of their employees are now using Zoom. Although this room would be great for those using Zoom on a regular basis, a Zoom Room alone will not support the wide variety of needs your employees will have.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Conference Rooms

Employees have been forced to learn video conferencing technology during the pandemic, and quite frankly, they have gotten pretty good at it. Employees now have no problem setting up, starting, or joining video conference calls. Many companies want a similar experience to continue in conference rooms moving forward, and BYOD Rooms can accomplish that. Barco Conferencing and Mersive Conference have allowed employees to bring their device into a room, quickly and easily connect to the AV equipment in that room, and start a video conference the same way they have been doing at home. This allows that in-person collaboration while keeping remote workers from feeling left-out.

Reach Out

At Tierney, we are committed to listening to customers’ challenges and helping solve their problems. Zoom Rooms are a great solution, but it may not be the best fit for every customer. Tierney is eager to consult with you, ask important questions, and become your company’s technology partner. No matter your company’s challenge, Tierney has the experience and knowledge to help. If you are planning to bring people back to the office, get in contact with a member of our corporate sales team for advice on solutions that will help collaboration and productivity. Getting our partners the right technology to help them produce results is our only goal.

If your company is still researching safe ways to bring employees back, I would invite you to read our blog post, "Return to the Office: Safety and Sanitation", written by Sandy Johnson.